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Giftgowns Maternity FAQ

What is a Giftgown? 

A Giftgown is the stylish hospital gown that transforms your journey, from bump, to birth, to baby! It is a functional hospital gown that is different than the traditional blue hospital gown. While it looks similar, a Giftgown has snaps on the shoulders and on the back making skin-to-skin time and breastfeeding much easier. While the standard blue gowns don’t do much to lift your spirits, Giftgowns are meant to uplift the wearer’s spirit, level of comfort and sense of style.


How do I use a Giftgown? 

Check out our How it Works page for all the info you need!


Who are Giftgowns for?

We have Giftgowns for everyone! We have gowns for women, men and children. We even have maternity gowns! Whether you’re heading into the hospital for surgery, or to have your baby, a Giftgown is a perfect and comfortable addition to your hospital go-bag.


Where are Giftgowns available? 

You can find women’s, men’s and children’s Giftgowns at, and our maternity gowns are available on We also sell Giftgowns on Etsy and on


How does Giftgowns sizing work?

You can find that information here!


How long does it take to ship my gown?

That depends on where you are! If you’re within North America, you will receive your gown within 3-7 business days. If you’re outside of North America, please send us an email at info@giftgowns so we can give you an accurate estimate. 


What are Giftgowns made out of? 

We have several different fabric options: 

  • Cotton-Flannel: A 100% brushed cotton that’s super cozy and comfortable. 
  • Cotton: A high quality 100% cotton gown is durable and great for use at the hospital and home. 


Why are your prices in USD?

Great question! We sell our gowns in USD because we have a lot of American customers. Selling in USD makes it easier for both our customers, and our team. 


If you are Canadian, and want to shop for gowns in CAD, you can find Giftgowns at Canadian prices on our Etsy shop. 


Why did you raise your prices?

We’re committed to providing you with high quality products at accessible prices. We’ve raised our prices across the board as we’ve recently updated the fabric we use in our Giftgowns, as well as because we’re offering new products like toques and socks to help keep you comfortable in the hospital. With these higher prices, we can continue to offer comfortable, durable and cute Giftgowns, as well as stellar customer support.


The price is no longer accessible to me. That’s not fair. 

We completely understand pricing can be stressful sometimes. That’s why we always have promotions going on! We have great discount codes available if you sign-up for our email newsletter. ♡


I was about to purchase before you raised your prices, will you honor the previous price?

We appreciate your continued support! Please send us an e-mail at so we can chat.