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How to Celebrate Mother's Day as an Expecting Mom

Mother’s Day is an exciting day when you’re a mama-to-be! Although your baby may not be born yet, you’re definitely already a mom, so why not start the celebrations now? Celebrating Mother’s Day when you’re pregnant is a super fun to way to get ready for motherhood! To help you out, we’ve gathered some of the best ways to celebrate Mother’s Day when pregnant.

Write a Letter to the Baby

Take the time to reflect on your pregnancy and expectations for motherhood by writing a letter to your baby. You can choose in advance when you’d like to give the letter to your little one. It can be a letter for when they’re a child, teenager, or when they become a parent themselves. This letter will give you the chance to express your excitement and wishes for your little one. It’s a precious memento that they (and you) will be able to look back at for years to come.

Hint at a Present

It can sometimes be unclear if Mother’s Day gifts are expected when you’re pregnant. If you’d like to receive a present, the best thing you can do is hint at it to your partner. Not sure what to ask for? We recommend a Giftgown! They’re the perfect item that takes you from bump, to birth, to baby! With soft 100% cotton fabric, two pockets, and snaps for functionality, you’ll be able to deliver in style, take the cutest first pics with your baby, and then even use the gown for breastfeeding! Giftgowns are truly the perfect gift for any expecting mama.

Decorate your Baby’s Nursery

If you haven’t decorated your little one’s nursery yet, Mother’s Day is the perfect time to do it. Spend the day prepping with your partner and making sure that everything is ready for the day your bundle of joy arrives.

Take Time to Relax

Take the time to relax and take a day that’s just for you. This can be as simple as a day spent at home watching Netflix or you can treat yourself to a Mother’s Day spa day. If you decide to take the spa day route, make sure to go somewhere that specifically caters to pregnant women and that you have your doctor’s approval first.

Share the Day with Your Mom

You’re probably already planning to see your mom on Mother’s Day. Why not use this day as an opportunity to get some of her best advice on motherhood. Ask her about her struggles and triumphs as a mom. Hearing it firsthand from your mom will definitely give you some great insights and ideas for being an awesome mom yourself!

Happy Mother’s Day! Hope the your first year celebrating is amazing!💖